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Operating since 1998 as a provider of Executive Search across a range of functions in logistics and the supply chain throughout the UK and Europe. We handle assignments in middle to senior management in the salaries from £/€ 80,000 to £/€180,000 range. We apply common sense pragmatic approach in what we do. At all times in a totally confidential manner both for the client and candidate.


The methodology is tried and tested and our standard terms are suitable for most assignments – but we do not assume that this will be the case for all our assignments until we have taken a full brief and gained your full approval.


The Executive Search methodology is designed and proven to be the most effective system to deliver the right person at the right time. The true measure of success is not how many CV’s we can gather, how many candidates can be short listed, or how many interviews can be arranged.

Finding the right person for the post and delivering that person effectively into your employment is the only true measure of success we use.

Offer Brokering

We will recommend and discuss the offer with you and make the initial presentations to the chosen candidate following your approval. This ensures that the offer is presented dispassionately and any concerns raised can be dealt correctly without affecting future relationships. The candidate is also forewarned and forearmed against the dangers of the “Counter Offer” and assisted in the resignation process.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on developing and maintaining personal relationships, it therefore follows that we always remain ‘small’ which means we will always:.


that critical to our success are candidates of the highest calibre.


in a fair courteous and ethical manner ensuring the best for both the candidate and client.


very closely with the client understanding changing needs sharing experiences.


In just a few years Michael Roake Executive Search is enjoying growing recognition as a leading provider and playing an even bigger part in recruiting individuals to meet an organisation specific current and future leadership needs.

Business Sectors

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Airfreight & Cargo Services
  • Intermodal
  • Purchasing & Procurement
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Business Functions

  • General Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Materials & Planning Management
  • Change Management & Business Improvement
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Industry Sectors

  • Automotive, Aerospace Defence & Industrial
  • Hitech & Electronics
  • FMCG Consumer & Retail
  • Pharmaceutical/Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas Projects & Mining
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We use our executive search services to identify middle to senior management across a range of functions throughout the UK and Europe. Our methods are based on researching the top performers in the industry this approach enables us to reach the key achievers. Which offers a highly effective means of identifying and locating up and coming managers and potential future industry leaders. Recruiting individuals with the right competencies and experience to meet with a company’s specific current and future leadership needs.

Michael Roake Executive Search can provide the solution for your management and skilled professional recruitment needs. Strategic partnerships; have been formed with a number of other out based consultants and researchers to augment our in-house expertise.

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Candidate FAQ's


Our approach at all times is confidential for both clients and candidates.

What happens to a CV when it is received?

On receipt of the CV we will send you an acknowledgement. We will then contact you to ask further questions relevant to your future career aspirations.

Please be assured that no CV will be submitted to a Client without your prior agreement.

A Candidate can request that their CV is no longer held on file or on our Candidate database.

The review of the candidates CV?

We recommend that you update your CV on an annual basis.

How long can a candidate expect to find a new position after initial contact?

The Executive Search process may vary from three to twelve months. We believe that getting it right is essential for your future career.

Candidate Registration

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Search Process

Michael Roake Executive Search is a small yet highly successful confidential executive search organisation. The purpose of this document is to provide the Client with sufficient information to enable evaluation of Michael Roake Executive Search, to allow the Client to assess their interest in having us as their partner and in developing a long-term relationship. We are confident of our ability to provide quality services with integrity and looks forward to working with the Client.

Certainly our case is one of rising prestige and we are playing an even bigger part in the recruitment of top executives for companies across a range of functions throughout the UK and Europe.

Before the commencement of each assignment we will require a great deal of information about the job requirement and specification. We break this down generally into four main categories:
1. Qualifying Information

Each assignment will begin with an initial briefing from the client; great emphasis is placed on understanding the business needs. Including strategies, financial and market position unique environment, culture, priorities and any other issues that are relevant to this specific assignment.

  • We define and agree a timescale, before we commence an assignment.
  • Definition of the role, is this a new position/ is the recruitment as part of a programme of planned growth? Is the recruitment due to a promotion/retirement/ resignation?
  • Detailed job description.
  • Functional responsibilities.
  • Functional relationships.
  • Main responsibilities.
  • Key objectives of the role.
2. Key Competencies

Assess and agree the unique combination of proven skills, knowledge, abilities and experience. As well as the normal information contained in a job description we might also ask:

  • What would be the ideal background?
  • Where this candidate might be working now?
  • Are there any candidates that are of particular interested?
  • Traditionally where have your best people come from?

Typical questions we might also ask include:

  • What other sources have you used?
  • What sort of personality are you looking for, and what is the most important feature?
  • Are there any companies you do not want us to approach?
3. Compensation package

In addition we must know about:

  • The remuneration package.
  • Bonus and other fringe benefits calculated.
  • First salary review.
  • Pension scheme.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Relocation package.
  • Annual leave.
4. Interview Procedure

On the basis of our research we approach potential, candidates on an informed basis, to determine that the individual is both qualified and interested in the role.

Before presenting any Candidates to the Client we conduct a serious of rigorous interviews. Each Candidate is assessed and validated against the qualifying information originally agreed. Assessing functional or technical expertise, track record, commercial or operational acumen and future potential. Evaluating underlying intellect, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

We continue to seek external views and cross reference check and verify each Candidate before we submit a short listed Candidate to the Client.

Interview Procedure:

  • Who will be involved at the interviews?
  • How many interviews in the process?
  • Will a presentation be required/if required in what format/ at what stage in the interview process?
  • Psychometric assessments, what type will be undertaken and at what stage in the interview process for this specific recruitment?
  • Candidates are fully debriefed and interviews arranged where appropriate.
  • Client and Candidates are prepared for second/third interviews.
  • Candidates are re-appraised of the benefits of changing companies and the advantages consolidated.
  • Definition and negotiation of remuneration and contract details, it is recommended that any offer be made through our Consultants. This will ensure that the offer is presented dispassionately and any concerns raised can be dealt with, without affecting future relationships.
  • The selected Candidate is prepared and briefed for his / her resignation and to expect and deal with the counter offer.
  • Agree date for commencement of employment and induction programme, we will ensure that any and all settling-in difficulties are identified and resolved. To assist with the transitional process in their future career.

Finally, and this is unique in our industry, we conduct a Client and Candidate assessment of our professional services after each assignment, identifying any improvements we can offer to an improved quality of service in the future.

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